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We know it can be a challenge to implement TCO practices in a way that actually reduces cost. Giga-Corp solutions can help bridge the implementation gap through the use of technology, improved processes, and subject matter experts.

Our goal is to create financial advantage for our customers. We're committed to delivering a total cost of ownership that's among the industry's lowest, while providing the highest-value IT solution.

We make more time for you
Giga_Corp services take away stress, get more things done without dragging into unwanted overtime, make the week run easier with a lot less hours—by keeping your computer systems runningl

Our life-saving removable drive trays, for schools with multiple users, for computers that need multiple operating systems, and quicker harddrive loading, Giga-Corp has all the major manufacturers of mobile racks for IDE(PATA), SATA, and SCSI, for RAID and JBOD applications, with many hard-to-find models, even compatible models for discontinued ones. Click here to see more...

Giga-Corp offers custom designed servers and appliances so you can have secure file and print sharing, your own web-based email post office, your set of web transaction servers for your internet store, that are easy to use, and cheap to operate. Click here to see more...

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